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Plastic Eaters has just released their self-titled debut EP. Also, they have just finished scoring a movie called "Lore of the Four Fingered Claw." Soon Plastic Eaters will be doing a 5 day tour of the LA area. Drop us an email for a list of our venues.

  Its the beginning of 1997 and where is modern music heading? Well, Plastic Eaters like to think they know, and most who have heard their music agree. When it seems that every other local Philadelphia band is churning out third generation Cobain and the others are trying to be the next Gin Blossoms or Hootie, Plastic Eaters are pioneering their own genre they jokingly call "Jungle Punk." But with jokes aside it is the closest definition that could be placed on them. Jungle Punk is simply the original blend of samples, loops, and breakbeats, with punk guitars and vocals. Of course, then bastardizing it all and putting it into three and a half minute pop arrangements.
    Based in Philadelphia, Plastic Eaters formed in early 1996 as a creative venture between two of the local underground music scene's most swank daddies. Songwriter and bassist, Stan Stammers may be remembered for his role in the UK cult bands Theatre of Hate and later Spear of Destiny. After 5 years in the States, Stammers found an accomplice for his new musical endeavors in the digital visionary and vocalist Rob Daly. Experienced, and adept at music technology, Daly has done studio work with numerous Philly musicians, as well as several internationally known artists and groups. And where Stammers spent his youth in the London punk scene, Daly spent his formative years involved in the East Coast hardcore scene. Staying true to their roots, but utilizing technology, Plastic Eaters, "step it up a notch."
  Though Plastic Eaters creative strength is in the studio, the stage is where they thrive. Expanding to a full band, Plastic Eaters' live performances make for a high energy event of sight and sound. The samples and loops are all there along with the addition of a live guitarist and drummer, giving the kids that something extra for their buck. Plastic Eaters' music fits in at the dance clubs, at the rock clubs, and on the radio. Watch out for Plastic Eaters, this hot new Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi beat combo!
    Jungle Punk-The future of rock n' roll (or maybe not)
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